10.31.2013 Happy Halloween!

As I said, I love this time of year! I love dressing up (or down in some cases) and seeing what cool and creative costumes people come up with :)

As far as Halloween plans go, this year, a few friends and I decided to conserve money and stay in. Thinking about it being a long day for me with school in the morning and work all day after, I knew I would be exhausted by the time I finally made it home.

My costume for work entailed details I already had, a borrowed headband, and a clearance $5 men's graphic tee from Target. I always love to bring my staff little treats to celebrate the day so I snagged a box of mini cupcakes (since I'm not nearly Betty-Crocker-Savvy).

Did any of you dress up for the occasion? What cool costumes did you come up with? How did you celebrate the spooky evening? Hope that you all had a fabulously spooky & safe Halloween!

10.29.2013 Fall Adventure #1: Julian, CA

So my girlfriend and I decided that we were in dire need of some serious adventure. We had both decided to stay in this Halloween and avoid the late night shenanigans in order to save some serious funds for the holidays, upcoming travel, and of course our favorite past time, shopping, duh...

After shopping on Saturday, we were headed home when we drove past a thrown-together "pumpkin patch" in the middle of another local strip mall's parking lot. As deprived as we were having not participated in any festivities this week and last, we decided to snag some rather large pumpkins to carve while watching the Halloween classic movie, Hocus Pocus. (How many of you die over this movie? Love!) We spent Saturday night hand drawing and carving pumpkins and having some much needed girl time after our crazy week of work.

Our masterpieces! (Not bad for free-hand drawing, right?)
Anyways, ever since moving to the San Diego area, I'd been told about this cute little town named Julian. Julian is about an hour/hour and a half northeast of here. So we decided that we would journey on up there on Sunday and see what was going on!

This town is adorable to say the least. They have awesome little shops and boutiques and everything is fall-related this time of year. They have apple picking, pumpkin patches, kids activities, horse-drawn carriages, fresh apple cider and pies and a dozen little restaurants and dive bars scattered up and down the main drag.

Here's a few photos of our adventure! 


Have you ever been up to Julian? Tell me about your trip! What were your favorite activities? How 'bout that fresh apple cider and handmade pie??? DE-LISH

Some Fall Faves

So, as we enter the month of October, we enter my fave time of year. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE FALL! Winter, too. My "fave time of year" begins as soon as the leaves start to change color, football starts, and school starts, and lasts all the way to Valentine's Day (who doesn't love love?).

Anyways, once my go-to stores start releasing their fall product lines, I just about lose it. Here are some of my favorites for the fall!

I'm slightly candle obsessed. One of the things that I think makes a house or apartment a home is how it smells. I'm big on vanilla, and during the fall, I mix in complimentary scents. My favorite is Cinnamon Spice (it's a purpley-red candle) and can be found along with Pumpkin Cheesecake, Crackling Woods... you get the picture. Scent is AH-mazing. The small candles are $5 and the larger ones are $10. The small ones are perfect just in case you happen to not fully love the smell of it.

Even though I can't find the exact scent, here are a few of my other favorites! Febreze candles offer long-lasting scents that fill the whole room and they are generally a great deal, too! Look for them in the cleaning supplies area. As much sense as they make, sometimes they can be hard to find!

Some of the other seasonal trends that I love are nail colors! Essie realeased a Fall and Winter 2013 collection and they are awesome! My favorite by far from the Fall Collection is Twin Sweater Set, it's like a candy apple red once it's applied. Perfect color for fall, right? Check out Essie's latest collections here.

What are some of your fave fall products? Hope you love these as much as I do!

10.28.2013 Tick tock

So obvi, it's been a little more than crazy here. Preparing my fall apartment obsessions post for everyone :) Thanks for missing me in your absence!


10.24.2013 I never have enough time....

So, personally, I know one thing I struggle with is time management sometimes. We're ALL busy, I mean, can there be any more hours in a day?!?! How many of you agree? Its a NECESSITY that I keep myself on task, on time, and on top of everything going on in my life. The ways that are most helpful for me include keeping a planner and keeping my Macbook's calendar up to date.

My calendar is color-coded (of course, I'm an organizational freak, duh). My classes, staff meetings, bill due dates, etc., are all color coordinated and having a matching folder on my computer whose label is the same. Like I said, freak. However, when it comes down to it, I always know what I have going on throughout the week and can easily access it, since my Macbook, iPhone, and iPad are all linked up. :)

If you don't utilize the iCal tool or whatever other calendar you happen to have, DO IT! PLEASE! It'll make everything soooooo much easier :)

Stay tuned for a post a little later about my Fall Season obsessions!

10.20.2013 Blog Lovin

Obviously, as a blogging newb, I'm beyond excited to mix, mingle, meet, and chat with any and everyone! If we share a common interest or you just like something, let me know! :)

You can also follow me here:

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Talk to y'all soon!

Budgets. Budgets. Budgets.

Obviously in expanding your closet, turning your house into a home, or even grocery shopping, having the funds to make it happen is KEY. So... my mantra as of late has been, yep you guessed it: BUDGETING. It’s never too late to learn how to budget yourself. And unfortunately, I didn’t learn this lesson the easy way. Being in charge of my tuition, books, rent, groceries, car payment, insurance, etc., creating a budget became ESSENTIAL to my everyday life. The best way to accomplish this what may seem daunting task?… a typed out budget!
To some, this may seem like a basic revelation, but if you’re more like me and don’t really think about it too often, it became a necessity. Obviously, it’s important to keep track of your spending. What did I do to crack down on my spending habits? I took a week and did everything “normally” including coffee runs, lunch on weekdays while at work, and study snacks on campus. I collected all my receipts at the end of the week and categorized where my money was going and just how much I had spent. No more could I make needless purchases on impulsive buys! I had to put a stop to it.
Setting up a spreadsheet with the help of a trusted PIC (parter in crime), I was able to set up a budget to the end of the year to help me pay of unnecessary items that stacked up and budget for holiday travel, while at the same time, created a budget to help me not only survive 2014, but thrive and put money away for both school and personal savings. That’s H-U-G-E! Thanks to my PIC, I’m feeling better than ever about where I stand. Although a budget is hard to stick to, once you get used to it and actively think about it, it’s not so bad. As you work to increase your personal wealth, don’t lose sight of what you want and don’t be afraid to go and get it!
So here’s what I recommend:
  • Keep track of  your spending habits!
  • Use an Excel template to set up a personal budget based on your income and your expenses.
  • Find a PIC that can support and motivate you! A trusted bestie is always better than going it alone.
  • STICK TO IT! You have to hold yourself accountable. Whether you have to collect receipts, give someone your credit card, etc. do what you have to to make sure that you’re being true to yourself and your pockets.

Here goes nothing!

So, as a blogging newbie, I'm excited to embark on this new adventure! I'm an adventurer at heart, but blogging wasn't ever something I thought I'd be drawn to. But here I am! I'm looking forward to all the fun and exciting adventures that we'll have together!

Happy reading!