12.27.2013 Scarf Season

So a few weeks ago when I first started looking around for Christmas presents, I saw this totally adorable plaid scarf at Zara.

I happen to be one of those people who feels weird when I find myself looking for things for myself when I'm supposed to be Christmas shopping for others so I decided against making the purchase. BIG MISTAKE! I totally am regretting that decision now sinces it's sold out! Boo! I have a major thing for plaid during the fall and winter months so it was only right that after Christmas, I would try to add it to my collection (I happen to already own between 20-25 scarves already, ha!) 

But did I learn my lesson? Yeah, I'd say so, especially since the second plaid scarf I wanted from Gap is sold out, too (at least the red one I wanted)!

Let's just say, I've officially learned my lesson. ADVICE: See an item you know you have to have? Snag it while you still can! 

Has this happened to any of you before? What would you recommend? Hope you all are enjoying your post holiday R&R!

12.25.2013 Merry Christmas!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday! I am so thankful to be with all my family to celebrate this year. We have so many family traditions and always have so much fun. Our normal game plan starts with last minute shopping and double checking our lists twice on Christmas Eve, and hitting the mall/stores the minute they open on the 24th (yes, we were at the mall and on the go at 6:45AM this year!).

Lucky for us, we were in and out of the mall in under an hour and a half (go team!) and we hit a local place called Black Bear Diner for some delish breakfast before heading home for naps. Unfortunately, Mommy had to go back to work (boo!) so us girls crashed while Daddy did some stuff around the house and went back out to some stores... We finished up the day watching movies on TV, wrapping presents, and putting everything under the tree before we went to sleep. Growing up, my mom was the boss at surprising us by waiting until we were all asleep for everything to be put under the tree. As we grew up obviously, we all leant more of a helping hand with wrapping and surprising.
Needless to say, we all got A LOT done on Christmas Eve, all while wearing our matching PJs, duh. This morning, we got up just before 9AM. Our Christmas morning starts with stockings, each of us have had the same stocking for as long as we can remember. Can you guess which one is mine? HA!

After stockings is breakfast, which is also the same every year. Mommy makes these TO-DIE-FOR Cappuccino Chip Muffins and Daddy makes the bacon. YUM!

Presents follow breakfast and we all take turns opening one thing at a time. 
So Daddy got Mommy probably the sweetest and most thoughtful gift EVER (above). This was the very last gift that she opened and each one represents a member of our family (my parents, myself, and my two sisters). Talk about a major Xmas-morning tear-jerker. ADORBS!

Presents are followed by a day of relaxing and once it starts to get dark, we have an amazing dinner and then the last tradition begins: TREASURE HUNT!

Now, my parents work hard to make this a ton of fun for everyone who happens to be over. The Treasure Hunt has existed for as long as I can even remember. Mommy (sometimes with Daddy's help) writes clues and riddles that generally lead us through various parts of the house and most of the time it's holiday themed. When we reach the end, we discover our very last present. Sometimes it's something we individually needed and other times it's a family vakay or large item for the house that we'll all enjoy. But, year after year, the Treasure Hunt has always been an awesome tradition for as long as I can remember. 

Do any of you have any family traditions? What are they!

I hope that you all had an amazing holiday! Travel safe!

12.12.2013 So little time...

Holy crap! Time is absolutely flying by! SOOO busy with the wrapping up of my school semester, craziness at work and everything in between. Thank goodness for the holidays :) I'm amazingly thankful that I was able to escape for the Thanksgiving holiday and head home to be with my family before the no-sleep two weeks of finals kicked in and I'm headed back on the 22nd!

Look out Rock-Town.... I still have ALL of my Christmas shopping to do! Mel & Xan: Hope you ladies are ready to hit the mall!

I feel like I've missed out on major posting topics over the past few weeks because of school and my dire need to catch up on sleep! I promise to make more of an effort to keep up with my blog from this day forward :)

Talk to you all soon!

12.07.2013 0 Notes SEC Football and Finals

Obviously I've been gone from the blogosphere for farrrrr too long. I can't even believe it. With finals for my fall classes, SEC Football craziness, missing my PIC and the holidays, I've been wayyy busy and finally have a chance to breathe. Whew. 

Do any of you follow college football? What's your favorite team? Rooting for my team to take the SEC Championship today! Let's go! #wde