4.28.2014 0 Notes Dirty Deets

For this week's Dirty Deets, I'm showing you a few of my favorite details from the past week!
1. Bubble Baths : When I'm stressed and need to relax, my go to is a bubble bath. The calmness and serenity of being alone and in a hot bath is pure bliss and can immediately turn my bad mood into a good one. Soak those bad vibes away! It can be five minutes, or an hour, it's up to you!

4.26.2014 0 Notes Saturday Adventures

One of my favorite places in all of San Diego is the Torrey Pines State Reserve. During the summer, you can catch me there almost every weekend. What's awesome about it? You can get your hike on and spend some time at the beach and the views are SPECTACULAR!

4.22.2014 0 Notes Meal Prep

I figured it was probably time for a progress update and a look into how I prep and keep myself on track during the week.

4.20.2014 0 Notes The EB made an early visit....

Because it's Easter, I want to make a post for some special people: my family! Holidays are A BIG DEAL to us. Every holiday is special in its own way, and we've grown up with numerous traditions that make each and everyone some sort of special. Even though 1 of my sisters and I are both out of the house now, the holiday magic still exists.

4.12.2014 0 Notes Hillcrest 24

Recently, I joined 24-Hour Fitness and over the last few weeks, I've gone regularly around the same time almost every day with a friend to the same location, Hillcrest. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit. If you've never been to Hillcrest, it is an adorable neighborhood just between Downtown San Diego and Mission Valley. AMAZING shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, thrift shops and more. Go check it out ASAP.

 At this point, I've started to notice/observe/hear/smell/etc the "gym rats". Now, you might be thinking, "you're a bi*&#" / "at least they're going to the gym" / "etc", but just wait. These gym-goers keep me motivated and make every gym visit an experience, at least.

Let's go over a few of my fave regulars...