Jessica Mabry is an influencer and the creative behind The Dirty Blonde Barrage.

The site represents a collection of her favorite aspects of life, from recipes and career advice to flora and travel. It’s meant to inspire and motivate others while teaching them a few things along the way.

She lives in her hometown of Rocklin, California and is looking for the next place her life will take her.

The Dirty Deets...
Product Reviews/Collaborations
If you have a product you feel would be a great match for "Dirty Blonde Barrage" or you would like to collaborate in any other way, please e-mail Jessica at mabry.jess@gmail.com.

Most of the products featured on "Dirty Blonde Barrage" are purchased on her own. If a product was provided by a PR company or through a brand, it will be disclosed in the post. She will only write honest reviews and will only recommend a product if she truly loves it. 


Most of the images belong to Dirty Blonde Barrage. If not, the proper credit will be linked below the image. If you feel your image has been misrepresented or incorrectly linked, please e-mail mabry.jess@gmail.com and it will be fixed immediately.