10.29.2013 Some Fall Faves

So, as we enter the month of October, we enter my fave time of year. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE FALL! Winter, too. My "fave time of year" begins as soon as the leaves start to change color, football starts, and school starts, and lasts all the way to Valentine's Day (who doesn't love love?).

Anyways, once my go-to stores start releasing their fall product lines, I just about lose it. Here are some of my favorites for the fall!

I'm slightly candle obsessed. One of the things that I think makes a house or apartment a home is how it smells. I'm big on vanilla, and during the fall, I mix in complimentary scents. My favorite is Cinnamon Spice (it's a purpley-red candle) and can be found along with Pumpkin Cheesecake, Crackling Woods... you get the picture. Scent is AH-mazing. The small candles are $5 and the larger ones are $10. The small ones are perfect just in case you happen to not fully love the smell of it.

Even though I can't find the exact scent, here are a few of my other favorites! Febreze candles offer long-lasting scents that fill the whole room and they are generally a great deal, too! Look for them in the cleaning supplies area. As much sense as they make, sometimes they can be hard to find!

Some of the other seasonal trends that I love are nail colors! Essie realeased a Fall and Winter 2013 collection and they are awesome! My favorite by far from the Fall Collection is Twin Sweater Set, it's like a candy apple red once it's applied. Perfect color for fall, right? Check out Essie's latest collections here.

What are some of your fave fall products? Hope you love these as much as I do!