10.29.2013 Fall Adventure #1: Julian, CA

So my girlfriend and I decided that we were in dire need of some serious adventure. We had both decided to stay in this Halloween and avoid the late night shenanigans in order to save some serious funds for the holidays, upcoming travel, and of course our favorite past time, shopping, duh...

After shopping on Saturday, we were headed home when we drove past a thrown-together "pumpkin patch" in the middle of another local strip mall's parking lot. As deprived as we were having not participated in any festivities this week and last, we decided to snag some rather large pumpkins to carve while watching the Halloween classic movie, Hocus Pocus. (How many of you die over this movie? Love!) We spent Saturday night hand drawing and carving pumpkins and having some much needed girl time after our crazy week of work.

Our masterpieces! (Not bad for free-hand drawing, right?)
Anyways, ever since moving to the San Diego area, I'd been told about this cute little town named Julian. Julian is about an hour/hour and a half northeast of here. So we decided that we would journey on up there on Sunday and see what was going on!

This town is adorable to say the least. They have awesome little shops and boutiques and everything is fall-related this time of year. They have apple picking, pumpkin patches, kids activities, horse-drawn carriages, fresh apple cider and pies and a dozen little restaurants and dive bars scattered up and down the main drag.

Here's a few photos of our adventure! 


Have you ever been up to Julian? Tell me about your trip! What were your favorite activities? How 'bout that fresh apple cider and handmade pie??? DE-LISH