10.31.2013 Happy Halloween!

As I said, I love this time of year! I love dressing up (or down in some cases) and seeing what cool and creative costumes people come up with :)

As far as Halloween plans go, this year, a few friends and I decided to conserve money and stay in. Thinking about it being a long day for me with school in the morning and work all day after, I knew I would be exhausted by the time I finally made it home.

My costume for work entailed details I already had, a borrowed headband, and a clearance $5 men's graphic tee from Target. I always love to bring my staff little treats to celebrate the day so I snagged a box of mini cupcakes (since I'm not nearly Betty-Crocker-Savvy).

Did any of you dress up for the occasion? What cool costumes did you come up with? How did you celebrate the spooky evening? Hope that you all had a fabulously spooky & safe Halloween!