10.24.2013 I never have enough time....

So, personally, I know one thing I struggle with is time management sometimes. We're ALL busy, I mean, can there be any more hours in a day?!?! How many of you agree? Its a NECESSITY that I keep myself on task, on time, and on top of everything going on in my life. The ways that are most helpful for me include keeping a planner and keeping my Macbook's calendar up to date.

My calendar is color-coded (of course, I'm an organizational freak, duh). My classes, staff meetings, bill due dates, etc., are all color coordinated and having a matching folder on my computer whose label is the same. Like I said, freak. However, when it comes down to it, I always know what I have going on throughout the week and can easily access it, since my Macbook, iPhone, and iPad are all linked up. :)

If you don't utilize the iCal tool or whatever other calendar you happen to have, DO IT! PLEASE! It'll make everything soooooo much easier :)

Stay tuned for a post a little later about my Fall Season obsessions!