11.12.2013 Fall Trends

With the changing of the seasons, there comes a change of trends for the home, fashion, holiday decor, and just about everything else, too. I mean heck, even Essie has a Fall 2013 and Winter 2013 nail collection (which are to DIE FOR if you haven't already seen them). Are you loving any of the new trends? Are there any you want to steer clear from?

I am one of those people who sometimes is a little hesitant to accept or get involved in new trends, I.E. when Uggs were first introduced to the world, I was the 7th grader that asked WTH were those? Now they are a MUST HAVE in my closet. I've seen a lot of metallics on trend this season, especially when it comes to nail or eye colors. Obvi plaid is a staple for the Fall, one trend which I am a major fan of.

What are some of your favorite trends happening now? Love to hear your ideas :)