11.03.2013 Holy fast-year...

I can't believe it's already November! I mean what the heck happened to this year??? Granted we've all been busy I'm sure. Do any of you have fun plans for this month? Doing any holiday traveling? What are you excited for?

For me, it's traveling home to be with my family and for Black Friday shopping, duh! Even though home is an hour and a half plane ride away, I don't always make it home every weekend, much less every month. I generally only visit about once every 6 months to a year! The last Thanksgiving we had at my parents' house and my childhood home was maybe... several years ago?

As long as I can remember, we've been traveling to San Diego or Oklahoma for the Thanksgiving holiday. Mostly because my sister participated in soccer competitions with her team and had practices on Thanksgiving Day. We've enjoyed our dinners at Claim Jumper, Mimi's Cafe, and sometimes at the hotels my family stayed at which were all fabulous and affordable Thanksgiving meal options for those of you who don't like to cook! Lucky for us, she's gone away to college at Cal Poly SLO so we'll all be making the journey HOME for Thanksgiving this year. :)

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for me because I love the time I get to spend with my family. I'm looking forward to being with loved ones in my sometimes for a long weekend before having to return to reality. My mom is going all out this year since we'll all be there. She's planning our shopping extravaganzas, our family bowling outing, a trip to the movies, dinner at our fave sushi restaurant, all of our holiday traditional side dishes, caramel apple making with my "extra set of siblings" whom I can't wait to see, and so much more!

Do you have any plans for this year? Will you be spending it with family? What are some of your holiday traditions?