12.27.2013 Scarf Season

So a few weeks ago when I first started looking around for Christmas presents, I saw this totally adorable plaid scarf at Zara.

I happen to be one of those people who feels weird when I find myself looking for things for myself when I'm supposed to be Christmas shopping for others so I decided against making the purchase. BIG MISTAKE! I totally am regretting that decision now sinces it's sold out! Boo! I have a major thing for plaid during the fall and winter months so it was only right that after Christmas, I would try to add it to my collection (I happen to already own between 20-25 scarves already, ha!) 

But did I learn my lesson? Yeah, I'd say so, especially since the second plaid scarf I wanted from Gap is sold out, too (at least the red one I wanted)!

Let's just say, I've officially learned my lesson. ADVICE: See an item you know you have to have? Snag it while you still can! 

Has this happened to any of you before? What would you recommend? Hope you all are enjoying your post holiday R&R!