1.05.2014 0 Notes Bonjour Mademoiselle

So let's just say... I'm not the greatest at at home manis. I can never manage to paint my right hand and I always smudge the crap out of them before they are dry. BOO! My nails are VERY thin and brittle, so normally, I head over to my favorite little hand spa nearby to get my nails and toes done but after awhile, those little trips start to add up. Hell, I go so often, my nail techs and I are on a first name/hug when we see each other basis, HA! So lately, I've opted to try and do my nails more at home!

Now, I love getting gel manis and pedis but as a new goal for this year, I've vowed to start saving more. Today, I headed over to Target to pick up a few grocery related items and found myself looking at the fab wall of nail polish for a new color. I have been using Essie's Twin Sweater Set from their Fall 2013 collection (which by the way is TO DIE FOR) but I wanted something new. 

One thing my mother always said was that your nails should always reflect feminism. Being the classic lady that she is, this means pinks, reds, or nudes. So I decided to find a faint, light pink/nude color. One color caught my eye because it was the last one in it's slot. Essie's Mademoiselle is basically my new favorite color and it goes well with my pale skin tone. It's not a white color and not pink but it's perfectly in the middle and I'm obsessed. 

I also grabbed a bottle of Essie's Fill the Gap treatment base coat which helps plump your nail beds and fill in lines and ridges for a smoother and younger looking nails. I'm a klutz, so I always use Sally Hansen's Dry Kwik to help set my nails because I can't sit still long enough for my nails to dry on their own. 

One of my Christmas gifts from my sister was a box of Lush Costmetics products. If you haven't heard of this adorbs little beauty boutique, check one out ASAP! At first, I wasn't sure what exactly the store was. Through their store windows, you could see giant, fancy chunks of soaps and all sorts of cute looking products. Why did I one day decide to venture into the store? Because there are always a million and one people in there, so clearly, I was obviously missing out on something. 

Lush is a hidden gem for sure! I love that their products are made from fresh and natural ingredients, they recycle almost/if not all containers for their products, they constantly support a wide variety of charities, and for all you animal lovers, they don't test their products on animals! I could go on and on about my love for this store and their products but we'll save that for another post :) Why is it relevant to this post? As part of my Christmas gift set, I got a small container of their Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. It's citrus scent is refreshing and this product helps heal and soften cuticles and can be used on other areas that need some extra attention like elbows, knees and heels! If you haven't tried it, YOU MUST ASAP! It's a must-have at home manicure essential. 

Overall, I'm happy to report today's mani/pedi adventure was a success! Do any of you have any tips or tricks for at home mani/pedi treatments?

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