2.27.2014 0 Notes M.I.A.

SOOOO sorry I have been so M.I.A! Things have been crazy here with the semester starting, work picking up over the last few weeks, some sad/exciting news at work and squeezing everything else into my life. Phew! I finally have some time to breathe (sigh).

I've been religiously reading my daily faves and checking out everything that's been going on lately... I've become a major online shopping addict, mind you this was something I was so against! Why? Maybe because I feel the need to try things on a million times before making a purchase with my plastic, who knows. As my friends have pointed out more recently, I am OVERLY PARTICULAR; and this is both a blessing and a curse.

I am a girl set in my ways and not always so willing and optimistic to change said ways. But I'm learning to let it go. There are bigger things to worry about when I really think about it.

Moral of this story/post? I'm changing my ways... sort of! First change, experimenting with online shopping. Over the past few weeks, I've ordered 3 different necklaces from 3 different stores, a shirt, a book, a keychain, and more. I've been a little shopping crazed I guess, but who's to say that's a bad thing? I mean dang... shopping is my cardio, right?

Here are a few of my recent deals and steals!

My jewelry binge consisted of the following BaubleBarILY Couture, and Now Yours. First off, let me just say that all three experiences at these stores are top-notch!

Check out this darling little pendant from BaubleBar!

Ever heard of the "Buried Bauble" on BaubleBar's site? To. Die. For. I snagged this beauty one gloomy Friday and was pleasantly surprised when less than a week later, I added this little gem to my collection as my daily staple. Although they no longer have the Hamsa Pendant, you can get a similar one here.

I ordered this little cutie from ILY Couture (j's are sold out now) to add to my daily wear, too! P.S. ILY and Bauble Bar both have an incredible customer service team. If you haven't checked out their companies... do it pronto. How perfect will this be paired with my BaubleBar hamsa pendant?

One of my fave new pieces is this gorg statement necklace from Now Yours! How cute is that? And the best part? It's $10! A complete and utter steal! (Shocked face x 10!!!) Get the Capri Necklace here.

What are your favorite steals and deals?

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