3.15.2014 0 Notes Kitchen Experiments

So, a typical Saturday morning for me always consists of a cup of coffee and some Pinterest "Pinspirtation". Today, I needed to pick up some essentials from Target, AKA Heaven, and thought I would add a few more items into the mix.

Enter: Buffalo Cauliflower and Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bars. (And nooo, I did not eat them together!)

As I've said before, I AM NOT A COOK. By no means can I bake anything half-way decent from scratch. Let's just say, I spend a decent amount of time "experimenting", and today's feats did not end in disaster (phew!).

So I found this recipe through Pinterest (this recipe was originally posted by Persnickety Plates, which has detailed instructions that are easy to follow) and I decided I had to try. Since today was a game day (San Diego State was playing in the Mountain West Conference in Las Vegas, GO AZTECS!), I was CRAVING Buffalo Chicken, but I have been so good about hitting the gym everyday and sticking to my plan that I decided I needed to hold out and improvise. What normally would have cost me $15 to get a decent plate of wings somewhere, ended up costing me 25 minutes and under $10 for a delicious alternative. I'm semi-obsessed and so glad I finally tried it!

Instagramming earlier in the week led me to find a yummy energy bar recipe that a friend had tried. If you haven't found @meal yet on Insta, GO LOOK RIGHT NOW! @meal posts photos and detailed recipes right to their feed and most of them look killer. 

These bars can be found on @meal's Instagram. They cook for about 20-25 minutes and then get put in the fridge to set. SUPER simple and easy to follow and I can't wait to try more recipe's from their Insta-feed.

Overall, it's been a pretty great week! Do you ever look for inspiration on Pinterest or Insta? Share your favorite!

P.S. tomorrow officially completes Week 1 and will be my second meal prep day! :) Excited to share all about it! 

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