4.12.2014 0 Notes Hillcrest 24

Recently, I joined 24-Hour Fitness and over the last few weeks, I've gone regularly around the same time almost every day with a friend to the same location, Hillcrest. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit. If you've never been to Hillcrest, it is an adorable neighborhood just between Downtown San Diego and Mission Valley. AMAZING shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, thrift shops and more. Go check it out ASAP.

 At this point, I've started to notice/observe/hear/smell/etc the "gym rats". Now, you might be thinking, "you're a bi*&#" / "at least they're going to the gym" / "etc", but just wait. These gym-goers keep me motivated and make every gym visit an experience, at least.

Let's go over a few of my fave regulars...

Reg #1: FlyLikeMe
So Mr. FLM kills me. I see this guy all the time, rocking his leggings and his Fly Like Me Air Jordan tee. He is SO skinny. I mean damn, his legs are the size of my pinky finger. This guy ALWAYS has a smile on his face, no matter what he's doing. If he's stretching, on a bike, lifting a weight, anything. Nothing. Phases. Him. Get on his level.

Reg #2: The Dog Yelper/Screamer
I swear the first time I heard this guy, I thought someone stepped on a puppy's tail. I mean, you know that sad, totally heartbreaking yelp they make when you accidentally step on them or something? If you've never heard that check out this example and pray you never hear it again:

Every time he's doing the pull-down rope thingy on his knees (excuse my lack of description on this exercise, I'm still learning... but idk what the hell he's doing it for) he lets out the puppy yelp. And I mean he has on headphones, so maybe he doesn't even realize, but he scared the shit out of me the first time I heard it.

I mean this guy is so into his headphones, he screams and bursts out into song Michael Jackson-style, moves and all. Granted, he's a decent singer, but it's always at a random moment, and it always catches me off guard. Props on the confidence, guy!

Reg #3: Mr. Front Desk
This guy is cool as HELL. He makes fun of my friend and I every time, but never misses a chance to strike up a friendly conversation. Friendly, funny, and always says "hey girl" and "bye girl". I mean, he makes my day! Essentially, he's awesome.

Reg #4: The Smelly Man Corner
This is literally a corner area of the location I visit where all the guys do their arm lifts, rows, etc. It smells putrid and the guys in this corner always have their headphones blaring, I don't know how they can hear after that... But they rock the eff out. So hard, that they make noises and heavy breathing sounds every time they do a rep. I avoid this corner like the plague, unless I absolutely need a machine in this area. 

Basically, my gym adventures are highly entertaining. Can't wait to discover more local gems.

This is by far my fave 24 in the area. 

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