4.20.2014 0 Notes The EB made an early visit....

Because it's Easter, I want to make a post for some special people: my family! Holidays are A BIG DEAL to us. Every holiday is special in its own way, and we've grown up with numerous traditions that make each and everyone some sort of special. Even though 1 of my sisters and I are both out of the house now, the holiday magic still exists.

This week, on a day where I really needed it, the Easter Bunny made a visit :) Our mail lady brought the mail into our leasing office on Thursday and low and behold had a special package in her hand just for me. Thanks Barb!

My parents are the most adorable people in the world. Knowing the recent changes I've made to my lifestyle, what do you think they did? Spoiled me rotten with Trader Joe's goodies and of course, some See's Candies. It means so much to me that they tried so hard to help be a support system for me.

My family is forever, and they always have been. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive and honest group that are truly my best friends in this whole entire world. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Just wanted to share the amazing goodies the Easter Bunny brought to me! Excited to try these wonderful snacks :)

Now to venture to the grocery store tomorrow to snag a fresh bunch of tulips and ingredients for a skinny mimosa! Wishing you all a Happy Easter! And wishing I was able to spend the day with my family! Check out our major #throwback sisterly Easter photo: here.

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