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So get this... I am not a lucky person. But hey, does that stop me from entering an interesting contest? HELL NO. I can at least say this much: I've never won a contest or had a lucky raffle ticket IN. MY. LIFE. No lie.

Lame :(

Anyways, one of my daily reads is The Skinny Confidential . Hi, uhmm... if you haven't checked this babe's blog out, you're missing out. (go do it right meow, seriously)

I've been reading TSC for years, no joke. Lauryn Evarts is a goddess and TSC represents a way of life filled with fashion, beauty, health & fitness, cutesy diy, and so much more, so when she announced earlier this year that she was writing a book, I almost died. dying. dead. 

The book came out right around my birthday, so naturally, I ran to snag a copy at my local Barnes and Noble ASAP. A few weeks later, I got an email from none-other-than Ms. Evarts herself saying I'd won a personalized copy and a basket filled with some adorbs items she handpicked and Monday, it arrived in a box at my apartment! UTTER EXCITEMENT to say the least. And I was having a S-H-I-T-T-Y day. Day made better instantly. 

When my sister found out I won, she immediately phone tagged me asking for my other copy. So Mel, check your mailbox! It's on it's way! :) How could I not share?

I wanted to share the awesome little things I snagged in her giveaway and review her book with you. Check out the snaps below! How cute is this?

AHHH! Soooo amazing :)

Why I LOVED her book: this doll is the #1 health & fitness blogger there is and she's super REAL. Reading her posts, and her book, is like having a one-on-one with her (at least what I imagine it'd be like!). She's witty, hilarious, and honest; a killer trifecta. 

Her fab book opens with a go-getter, get-your-ass-in-gear motivational chapter, and lemme tell you, after that, I read the book cover to cover without stopping, and I despise reading. It's that good.

Lauryn covers her favorite recipes, exercises, skin care, makeup, fashion, relationships, hair care, but what's awesome is her book is a short read, jam-packed with info, tips, and some major BFF-worthy advice. Lauryn's TSC lifestyle guide is refreshing and different, but most of all, it's encouraging and motivating. She's a guru when it comes to this sort of thing, she embodies and is the spitting result of what hard work, self-love and success can make you. And that is inspiring.

As Ms. Evarts says: #learnit #liveit #loveit

Need your copy? Snag one here.
And add this fierce chick to your daily reads ASAP!

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