7.30.2014 0 Notes Project Patio Pt. 1

Inspired by last week's 5 Things to Try This Weekend by the Glitter Guide (check out #GG5Things on instie), I finally got my butt in gear to revamp my outdoor space. Now, let me just preface this by saying I by no means have a green thumb. The whole reason I need to revamp my space is because the succulents I bought for my patio when I first moved in 2 summers ago burnt to a crisp because I forgot about them... #oopsies

I'm sorry but we all get CRAZY busy. I mean this year, I've been to the beach once, and maybe spent 5 minutes on my patio all. summer. long. How is this even possible considering I live in San Diego? Who knows... 

In an effort to fully utilize my GORGEOUS patio, I'll be doing a Patio Revamp series showing all the new things that I add, spice up, toss, replace, etc., you get the picture. My first project was phasing out these boring terra-cotta pots and turning them from drab to fab and adding to succulents!
All from the Martha Stewart Crafts Collection! I picked mine up at Michael's for about $2 each. They come in a number of different finishes, my favorites are the pearl and metallics. 

This is the full list of colors I picked up for my project! They are a mixture of the satin, pearl, metallic, and high gloss finishes.

Using a basic sponge brush, I coated the outer rim of the pots 2-3 times depending on the vibrancy of the color. 

I let mine dry overnight before transplanting new plants and soil into the pots. I visited my local Lowe's on Sunday and picked up a few different sizes and variations of succulents. My favorites are the ones that look like flowers! I am also a fan of the bluish and purple hues!

I filled the bottom of each pot with cactus soil first, then took each plant out of it's plastic container, loosened up the roots in the bottom of the existing soil, then placed them in the pots. I filled the sides of the pot up with cactus soil to fill in the gaps


I absolutely love the way the pots turned out! The paint colors really complimented the natural colors in each of the plants and brought a lot of color to my outdoor space! I still have about 4-5 more pots that have already been painted and just need some new plants to fill them! I'll definitely be looking for some more options to help add some differentiation to my existing plants!
Excited for Project Patio Pt. 2 +! :) How have you spiced up your outdoor space?

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