10.29.2014 0 Notes Pumpkin Patching

This weekend, I was craving some fall festivities, so we ventured to Peltzer Farms in Temecula (after a smidge of research, I wanted a corn maze!) for a pumpkin patch visit! The scenery was absolutely beautiful. Temecula wine country is full of grape vines and wineries speckled all across the hills just an hour north of San Diego, but the drive was totally worth it.

When we got there, it was crawling with children and families (not my favorite thing but I made it work). We got to watch pig races, check out generations of John Deere tractors on display, hunt for the perfect pumpkins and gourds and navigate our way through a corn maze. It was perfect.

Below are some snaps from my adventure!

On to the #ootd:

I saw this hat in Nordstrom on Friday and about died. I am a sucker for green accents! I already own this Anthropologie top in Tangerine, and when it went on sale, I couldn't pass up buying it in the Ivory color option, too! This top is amazing... I can't wear it enough. It's perfect for work and comfortable! And on super clearence! Trust me, I bought it for full price originally and went back for the second one at less than half the price. Insane.

Since the temperature was still so warm, I opted for sandals (big mistake), make sure to wear close-toed shoes, my feet were so dirty on the drive home! And these GAP boyfriend jeans were on sale for $20 during their Labor Day sale... I love boyfriend jeans... They are seriously so comfortable and are great for lounging in. I honestly have 3 pairs of bf jeans and I wish I could wear them everyday.

How did you celebrate fall this month?

Hat | Top | Denim (in a little lighter wash) | Sandals (old) | Bag
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10.27.2014 0 Notes Barcart Reveal

Finally! A post I've been perfecting for ever is officially here: The Fall Barcart! This beauty is one of my favorite parts of my apartment; a little party and festivities all wrapped into one little to die for set-up. 

First off, let me just say that this cart is a steal. I took this Ikea utility cart and spray painted the pieces  metal frame pieces metallic gold (cough cough, the cart was $25 at my local store!). Super plus, the top of the cart can be flipped over and used as a serving tray! Totally handy. As with all Ikea furniture, make sure you have some patience and a glass of wine handy when you piece it together, just saying.

I was super bummed last week when I realized I had no decorations up, so I figured it was time to add a little fall pizzaz to my apartment! 

{p.s. you have to try The Skinny Confidential's Skinny Apple Fizz!}

{that little pumpkin was a Target clearance STEAL! $3}

Have you decorated for the season yet? xx
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10.23.2014 1 Note Grapefruit Refresher

It's been so warm here in Southern California and even though I've been longing for the fall weather, I needed a quick way to cool off while doing things around my apartment this weekend. Using some items I had stocked on my bar cart (post coming soon!) I whipped up a fab and fresh Grapefruit Refresher. I. DIE. 

This recipe is easy-peasy. I mean it's basically fool proof and the best part is you can mix and match different fruits to accentuate the flavor you're looking for. 

How to make this delish refreshment:
  • Add ice cubes to glass of choice
  • Juice grapefruit and pour into glass
  • Fill glass halfway with Moscato (I used Barefoot Moscato, my fave!)
  • Fill remainder of glass with Pellegrino's Sparkling Water
  • Add strawberries and raspberries as garnish
  • Cheers!
I couldn't not share this super simple and delicious drink! Cheers!
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10.21.2014 1 Note Sisters

If there were an award for Queen Pessimist, I'd have won a million times. I'm the worlds worst. I always have been and (fingers crossed) I won't always be. I grew up being the total brat that always expected the worst so that I was never disappointed, just pleasantly surprised when things went my way or worked out for the best.

Lately, I've felt as though I've been overcome by negativity. I've been lazy, disappointed and felt incredibly insignificant. My self-image has been crap and tonight I asked for the help that I knew I so desperately needed, the help of one of my sisters.

Asking for help is one of the most difficult things in the world for me, especially the help of my sisters. I respect each of them so much and as the oldest, admitting that you need their help almost feels as though you're admitting defeat. 

I am so incredibly blessed and thankful to have two amazing sisters who are kind, generous, and beautiful inside and out. When things are hard, they are always there. When it's motivation you need, it's a swift kick in the pants that they'll give you. Most of all, they are honest and inspiring. They provide me more motivation than I know what to do with at times and they inspire me each and every day. 

I love you Mel & Xan. Thank you for always being my support system and always showing me how much I inspire you. Sharing today because I was reminded of this late last night. xx
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10.19.2014 0 Notes Dirty Deets

I have been so focused on the semester that my posts have been lacking. Believe me, I'm just as upset as you are... I missed my creative outlet SO much! I decided it was time to crack down and share some of my recent Dirty Deets.

[above, my new favorite seasonal scent here!]

10.06.2014 0 Notes Steve Madden Picks + An Upcoming SM Appearance!

So.... I was at the mall again this weekend (I swear it was just one teensy-weensy errand!) and stumbled across info about an upcoming event at Nordstrom Fashion Valley that I was dying to share! 

October 11th, Steve Madden and celeb host Julissa Bermudez will be hanging out at Nordstrom on Friars Road from 2-3:30PM! 

You do not want to miss this!

In addition to attending and getting some great pieces for fall, snap a pic with Steve himself, get a tote bag, tee and free gift with every Steve Madden purch during the event! There's a live DJ, too! Umm hello, this is awesome! This New York creative-genius loves Southern California so let's give him that SoCal welcome by checking out his event (he was just here in March, btw)!

In honor of the upcoming event, I wanted to share some Steve Madden pieces I've had my eye on over the last few weeks! 9 & 3 are all from Steve Madden's new FreeBirds line! They have some incredible leather boots and booties with amazing details!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

See you October 11th!

Check out more event deets here!
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