10.23.2014 1 Note Grapefruit Refresher

It's been so warm here in Southern California and even though I've been longing for the fall weather, I needed a quick way to cool off while doing things around my apartment this weekend. Using some items I had stocked on my bar cart (post coming soon!) I whipped up a fab and fresh Grapefruit Refresher. I. DIE. 

This recipe is easy-peasy. I mean it's basically fool proof and the best part is you can mix and match different fruits to accentuate the flavor you're looking for. 

How to make this delish refreshment:
  • Add ice cubes to glass of choice
  • Juice grapefruit and pour into glass
  • Fill glass halfway with Moscato (I used Barefoot Moscato, my fave!)
  • Fill remainder of glass with Pellegrino's Sparkling Water
  • Add strawberries and raspberries as garnish
  • Cheers!
I couldn't not share this super simple and delicious drink! Cheers!
 photo ScreenShot2014-07-27at21452AM_zps5c764a51.jpg
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