11.05.2014 0 Notes Inspiration Pt. I

I'm excited to begin a new facet of the Dirty Blonde Barrage with today's post! Inspiration is a topic that I wanted to talk about, but in my own way. I'm inspired by different topics and facets of life, but beginning to delve into this section of the DBB was something I was saving for the right direction. Last night, it hit me like a lightening bolt: inspiration through empowering women

In no way is the DBB a political platform. This post is not about views or stances on political issues. To each his (or her) own. But when consulting my Twitter feed for #Election2014 updates last night, something profound struck me. The state of West Virginia elected Saira Blair to the House of Delegates by 63% of votes. Who is Saira Blair? Let me explain. 

Saira Blair is a college freshman (yes, an 18 year old woman!) at WVU, elected to the House of Delegates to represent her home state, all while pursuing her college education. She is the youngest lawmaker to ever be elected to the House. Think about that for a second. As this Cosmo article posted to their Twitter feed states, "...the average age in Congress is 57, and the average age in the Senate is 62."

Saira is an inspiration, proving that no dream is too big. She aspired to be elected to represent her state and campaigned hard to capture the vote she needed to be elected and give young people, and young women, a voice in the House. Although she may face immense pressure and diversity in a foreign and older environment, the fact that her state believed in her to elect her to represent them in the House shows an incredible amount of respect and support for an 18 year old to help guide and represent a state where the median age of the population is 41.3. A leap of faith.  

After watching one of her interviews with Glenn Beck, I was astounded. As an occasional listener of his talk-radio show, The Glenn Beck Show, he is opinionated and at times, ferocious. Saira handled herself and the interview amazingly well. She is well-spoken, smart, excited and passionate about affecting change by bringing innovative and fresh ideas to the House. 

What Saira will be able to accomplish during her time in the House and in her future as a politician will be incredible to watch. Although I am not a resident (and probably never will be) of West Virginia, I am inspired by the amount of determination Saira possesses to lead and represent her state. Her journey will be one I keep an eye on because of the amount of profound meaning her election as the youngest lawmaker ever elected entails. Historical even. 

Her election is empowering. Even though I may not aspire to be a lawmaker, she has proved that no dream is out of reach. There is always a way to make a difference, despite the amount of odds that may be (or not be) in your favor. 

Her election also shows that the youth in West Virginia have a voice. A living, breathing, 18 year old voice, that has campaigned and actively listened to her constituents and feels ready to represent the state of West Virginia with all her might. And her state believes in her. That is profound

My support for Saira may or may not be in agreeance wit her views or stances, but my support for Saira stems from her determination and success so far as a young woman entering the devious game that is politics. Hell, she beat a 44 year old trial lawyer for the seat in the House. Way to go girl! 

It is more important than ever to be involved in voting and making informed decisions. Year after year, I understand this more and more. Each voice is important, even though you may not think so. We all have an opinion. And it's our responsibility to make it known. 

Wishing Saira the best of luck as she embarks on this incredible journey. I can't wait to see how her journey unfolds and the way that she handles diversity as she navigates the House. Congratulations Saira!

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