12.19.2014 0 Notes Grand Canyon

So after I finished my finals last Thursday, I desperately needed a mini-vakay. I've been craving the snow and I've always wanted to go here, so I DID! And let me just tell you, it was awesome, and cold, but mostly awesome.
So the GC is 548 miles northeast of my humble abode. Uhhh I wanted a road trip and definitely got one that's for sure, but hey, I can't complain about that view.

It was a camping trip, which was probably not the best idea considering I'm (1) not a camper and (2) because it was snowing! But it was nothing a crackling fire, a can of chili and cup of hot chocolate couldn't cure!

Have you been to the Grand Canyon? It's definitely a place I'd love to go back to during the summer months (not sure about that dry Arizona heat though). What's you're favorite time of year to visit?

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