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Let me start by saying that I thought long and hard about a "New Year's Resolutions" post. I wasn't interested in setting unattainable and immeasurable goals. But one thing has stuck with me the last few weeks. It's weighed on my mind on sleepless nights. It's been at the forefront of my subconscious repeatedly. Positivity.

It takes so much more energy to be negative/hold grudges/be a brat/etc. tbh who wants to be a debbie downer all the time? Not me. We surround ourself with people everyday. Sometimes you don't have a choice about who you work with, who your family is, who you interact with during the day, but you DO have a choice about how you go about your day. You do have a choice about how you behave and how you treat others. You do have the choice to change your perspective. You can consciously choose to be happy and positive and uplifting to those around you. 
Y. O. U.
This about this for a second. What if you chose to uplift others? What if you chose to stop comparing yourself to others? What if you chose to learn from your mistakes and failures? What if you chose to share those things with the people you surround yourself with? What if you chose positivity over negativity, every. single. day.?
Happiness is about perspective. You can choose to see the positivity in a situation, or you can choose to be sad/defeated/disappointed/fill-in-your-emotion-here. What if you let yourself feel the positivity instead of the negativity? What if you then radiated that positivity to others? How would that change the atmosphere you surround yourself in?
It changes things so dramatically that it's almost unreal. I mean, case and point, when I am my staff's biggest cheerleader, we could conquer the world. Today in the office was an amazing day all because I chose to see the positivity in the situation. Because I chose to root on my team and empower them to kick ass. And they did. It was incredible. 
In 2015, I challenge myself to tackle the year radiating positivity. I challenge myself to uplift others. I challenge myself to be proud and to not compare myself to others. I challenge myself to count my blessings. I challenge myself to laughter each and everyday. I challenge myself to take negativity with a grain of salt and to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I challenge myself to surround myself with positive minded, spirited and uplifting people. Will you join me?
What will you challenge yourself to this year? I'd love to hear! 
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