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For as long as I've lived in San Diego (almost 5 years!) I have recently realized that I've only discovered just a few pieces of this wonderful city. Lemme tell ya, THERE IS SO MUCH TO SEE! So I've challenged myself to explore, be a tourist in my own city, and see and experience new things as much as possible. I think my goal was to do something or go somewhere new every weekend to be exact.

An insta-friend (& SD local!) of mine @alyssamopia (THANKS LADY! Let's grab coffee sometime!) recommended me to a cutie little boutique in the North Park area this weekend and after scrolling through their insta feed --> @shoppigment and stalking their website, I decided I needed to take a look myself. Boy was I in for a treat!

Dear lord, this place was heavenly! I mean, succulents and airplants and gifts and books and furniture... I mean really the list goes on. Any Rifle Paper Co. fans (Hey Mel, I'm talking to you!)? Yeah, they've GOT. IT. ALL. It was so, for lack of a better word here, cute! Let's just say, I was snapping pics like I was the paparazzi and needed to tone it down a notch...

Here's a few snaps from the store and believe me when I say this doesn't even begin to do it justice.

Umm I mean hello, the succulent parties and huge airplants everywhere... and I MEAN those hanging gardens! Die.
Upon inheriting a new office space recently (and a promotion, YAY!) and being set on making it my own space, I knew I needed some fresh decor and to bring in some life! I found an awesome craft on Pinterest, and wanted to recreate it my own way. I know most people buy tiny airplants and stick them in a wine cork with a magnet and put them on their fridge, but I had bigger ideas!
The Airplant Carousel at Pigment (check out the crystals in the bottom!)

My original idea was to create a mobile if you will, like what you typically hang over a baby's crib. The ceilings in my office are about 12ft tall, so I wanted the plants to all hang at different lengths.  
I knew I needed something central to be able to tie the plants to and to hang it from the ceiling, so I went to Michael's and snagged this little fake branch circle thing to keep with the nature-esque vibe.

I also picked up some Beadalon Supplemax clear string so that you wouldn't be able to see it, hence why I look like I'm conducting a Harry Potter levitation spell in the picture below, ha.

If you're at all familiar with airplants, I'm sure you'd believe me when I say this looks WAY cooler in person.

This project was totally fun, and the most expensive part of it was buying the plants, but that's probably because I got carried away and bought 8 of them... Regardless, I love the way it turned out. Each plant ranged from about $3 to $12 depending on the size, plant type, etc. The craft supplies from Michael's totaled under $4! WIN!

As for exploring some more of North Park, I'll definitely be headed back! There were so many great places for sips and bites that I'll have to go more than once to get a full feel of the neighborhood. PS: while you're there, check out City Tacos and Hammond's Ice Cream!

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate some life into your office or home space?
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