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"On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was..." And obvs you already know the rest. LOL

I can't get over the fact that it is already October! I am blown away by how fast this year has gone by.  While I'm still melting in the San Diego heat and it totally feels like summer, I'm ready to drop right into some cooler weather. Bring on the rumored El Nino!

Yesterday, my mom called me while I was working, which is totally normal. Our go-to time to talk on the phone is always when one (or both of us) are in the car going somewhere with a little time to kill. #likemotherlikedaughter

The jist of our convo? How long it had been since I had written a post on DBB and the fact that she wanted to start her own travel blog when she retired. Which brought me back to my blog and what I want it's future to be, how I've been neglecting it because of every excuse in the book. And that has to stop! 

I wanted to break into a new series to help me get back into my writing routine: what's happening each month and what my goals are.


+Halloween: I LOVE IT. I mean come on, who doesn't love all the Halloween themed wine from World Market, decorating, scary movies and candy and everything else that comes along with the fall? I can't get enough.

+I'm finally adventuring to Big Sur! It's about damn time, I've only been planning this since February and just haven't made the time to actually go. Any recommendations?

+A trip to SLO to visit my sister: This should be in the books every month. Although the drive is killer by yourself, I miss my sis and all the fun we have when we're together! She gets me. DUH.

+Midterms, group projects, studying, oh my! School shmull. I have to stick to that grind and graduate strong in May (finally!). Believe me, no one is more ready for me to be d-o-n-e with school than me! 


+Keeping up with my monthly workouts + manage my time: This has definitely been a struggle for me. Between managing time between crazy work hours and a full class load, throwing in another commitment has been tough. My goal is to finally settle into a routine that I can stick to, mapping out each day to accommodate work, school, studying, eating, getting my sweat on, and every little thing in between. 

+Check in! Nothing is worse than not checking in each week. Excuses get in the way of achieving your goals and that's how I've been feeling. I have an INCREDIBLE support team and I am so thankful for them, and I need to condition myself to remember that I can and need to lean on my motivator. JNH thank you for always unconditionally supporting and helping me. I am excited to kick off this month leaning on you and sharing with you more on my journey!

+Plan all holiday traveling + more trips to SLO. Now is the time to get everything situated and nailed down for Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially since I fly north for both! It still leaves plenty of time to request off, get together a plan, and make arrangements without feeling stressed that it's last minute!

+Bring up my GPA! I want to graduate with a bang next spring, and to me, that means bringing up my overall GPA and course grades!

+Eat breakfast every day. This is something that I have always struggled with. If it's not weekend brunch with bottomless mimosas, I typically don't eat breakfast, which is such a bad habit. I've actively been making food before hand or setting out something to grab while I'm walking out the door in the mornings so I can't say that I didn't have time, I made the time. My favorite breakfasts recently have been acai bowls and greek yogurt with granola. Now, it's just making this meal a habit instead of a treat! 

+Go some place new every week. Whether that means stop at a new beach over the weekend, find a cute new coffee shop to study or catch up on work or a good book, I want to go somewhere new at least once a week. Recently, I've been incorporating some local San Diego gems into my weekend explorations and it has been SO FUN. I'll share some recent adventures on the blog soon! Who knows where life may take me after graduation. I want to be able to look back at my time in San Diego and say that I did and saw it all!

What are your goals for this month?
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