8.15.2016 0 Notes Eugene, OR

First stop: Eugene, Oregon. A couple hours south of Portland, this college town, serving the University of Oregon packs a punch.

While on assignment here, I had a lot of free evenings to check out the local downtown area of Eugene (which is so cute!), enjoy some local eateries, hit the UO campus, venture to Autzen Stadium, and even take a quick day-trip to Portland which we’ll save for its own guide. Below are a few places that I really enjoyed (and frequented) while I was there.


Sizzle Pie – This place was my literal jam. Sizzle Pie has a rad vibe with some Old-Hollywood marquee signs and tons of grunge situated right in the middle of the downtown Eugene area on Broadway. My first few days there, I noticed that there were always people seated both inside and out, suggesting that it wasn’t something I wanted to miss. Once I got a look at their menu, it was a for sure thing. What’s super unique about Sizzle Pie is the fact that there are unique pizzas spruced up with uncommon ingredients and sauces, breakfast pizzas, and even a good amount of vegan and vegetarian options. I’m as big of pizza fan as the next girl, but sometimes I can get left feeling way too full and that the pizza I just had was too heavy. My favorite pizzas from Sizzle Pie had an olive oil base or just dollops of marinara as if it were a topping which kept the whole pizza feeling lightweight me not fulling overly full. A+++ for vibes and bites

I recommend: ½ White Walker, ½ Slaughter of the Soil (both vegetarian options)

Noisette Pasty Kitchen – Right around the corner from my temporary office was this quaint little café on the corner of Charnelton and Broadway. This place has plenty of indoor seating and outdoor café tables on the corner facing the downtown area. They have tons of pastries, highly recommended sandwiches (the staff I worked with spoke highly of their Lamb Sandwich) and breakfast items and coffees. I spent several mornings out on their front patio area with a breakfast quiche checking emails to start my day.

I recommend: Gluten Free Vegetarian Breakfast Quiche 

Red Wagon Creamery – Walking through the downtown area, I almost missed this place so keep an eye out. It’s west on Broadway in relation to Sizzle Pie and across the street. What’s awesome about this little ice cream shop is that their ice creams are made with natural ingredients and flavors and boast some unique combinations (like Lemon Bourbon).

I Recommend: A scoop of Chocolate and Mint Chip on a waffle cone.  The Chocolate flavor is perfect, not too rich, not too dull, and the Mint Chip is flavored naturally using peppermint leaves and is not green (meaning no artificial flavors or dyes).


Spencer’s Butte – Whenever I go somewhere new, my inclination is to look for something that the locals do, because clearly they know best. Spencer’s Butte was encouraged as a must do for a work-out with a view. The trailhead was just 10 minutes from downtown Eugene and there was a decent size parking lot available right at the entrance. The trail itself was mostly heavily wooded and shaded which helped keep the temperature down during the climb. There was a decent amount of people on the trail, but much less than I expected for a few hours prior to sunset.

I recommend:  Add to your list for a few hours before sunset for killer 360-degree views of Eugene and be prepared for a work out! The trail is a decent length (a couple miles), mostly uphill, and at the top there are quite a few stairs to climb. But the way back down is obviously much easier.

Autzen Stadium, Science Factory, and River Park – Just across the Coburg Road bridge is a huge River Park with areas for dogs, walking and biking trails, and tons of areas to explore. I combined a visit to the park with a quick trip to check out the Science Factory building (it has candy colored vertical striping) and Autzen Stadium since they were all in the same general vicinity.

I recommend: Great for an early morning or evening walk on the trails. I am a big college football fan, so checking out the stadium area was a must for me.

Broadway (Downtown Eugene) – There are so many local shops, eateries and art galleries on Broadway and it’s a great place to walk around, shop, and eat. One event I missed while here was the Eugene Downtown Saturday Market, held during the day every Saturday. There are a ton of great local vendors of food, produce, and more including handmade items. On Saturdays this was definitely the place to be. There is metered street parking on Broadway but I would suggest parking in the garages on Charnelton between 7th and 10th.

I recommend:  Walk around and if you’re there for Saturday, check out the farmer’s market.

I hope you enjoy your time in Eugene!

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