8.29.2016 0 Notes Kansas City, MO

Hi there from the Midwest! I’ve been in Kansas for quite a while, but got the change to explore Kansas City, MO, just across the river (and the state line) over the weekend. After flying into MCI and driving around downtown on my way to the state of Kansas, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by all the old brick buildings, huge old-school neon signs for businesses and just the feel of the city itself. It was so old industrial world and I loved it.

I started out by checking out the KC Crossroads Arts District. There were a ton of cool shops, murals repping that good ol’ Kansas City pride and eateries all over the place. You can’t go wrong in this neighborhood. If you’re a big thrifter or just looking for a unique area, the Westbottoms need to be on your to-do list. Blocks of old brick buildings, warehouse vintage stores, antiques, and local goods make this under-the-freeway area a must-see. There’s a ton of quirky stuff over there, from furniture to conversation pieces and everything in between. I loved Easy Tiger, a local store with letter-press cards, t-shirts, prints, a kick-@$$ mural and other local goods. I hear that this area puts on quite a scene on First Friday Weekends too!

The Power and Light District off of Main Street is great for shopping, good local eats, and even KC Live events. One thing that I noticed was that even though it was a Saturday early afternoon, there wasn’t a ton of traffic, there was plenty of parking available, and nothing was overcrowded.
Whenever I visit a major city, one of my favorite things to see is the skyline. After doing a little research, it was clear that the place to check out the skyline was from the top of the Liberty Memorial. Due to the heat and the immense line to go up to the top of the tower, I settled for the view from the deck of the Liberty Memorial which still gives you a phenomenal view of Union Station and the KCMO skyline behind it. The Liberty Memorial itself was a phenomenal display that shouldn’t be missed.

On my way back to Kansas, I stopped by the Boulevard Brewing Company after some recommendations and seeing their products all over the place. Although it was closed, it’s compound was still pretty cool even from the outside. During my next trip, I definitely plan to come back for the brewery tour (be sure to wear close-toed shoes).
KCMO is high on my list for a return trip.

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