9.19.2016 0 Notes Joshua Tree National Park

While home in San Diego a few weeks ago, R and I knew we needed a night away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We quickly perused Airbnb for some options, and I found the cutest high desert Airbnb that happened to be available for the following night at a reasonable rate. So we instant booked and were on our way the next day! This part of the high desert is 2-3 hours from San Diego county which makes it perfect for a quick weekend getaway.


It’s mystical and sort of eerie. But I’ve learned that I love the desert landscape. Not a fan of the heat by any means and I’m fearful of snakes and scorpions (and bees – but more on that a little later…) but give me a car and a map and I’ll make my way through the desert like a champion.

We got off to a little later start than expected, arriving to our Airbnb in Twentynine Palms around Golden Hour with the pup. Cactus Mountain (our Airbnb) was magical. I could feel its energy the minute we drove up. This small white house off a dirt road with a gorgeous view of Indian Cove was our home for the night.

I loved every inch of this space. I hope you can see why. It was clean, bright, airy and minimalistic while still capturing the high desert vibe with extreme ease. I loved all the different seating areas; lounge chairs outside, a picnic table with a cloth awning, a hammock, an outdoor bar, and a handmade seating area made from spare wood around the side fence. I also loved the “green” responsibility of the space. The majority of the outdoor lighting was solar powered, the grey water system recycled all water used within the house to water the plants outside and the hosts supplied natural beauty products to be used that wouldn’t hurt their plants. How cool is that?

After relaxing for a while and checking out some of the hosts recommendations, we decided to head for our go-to: pizza obvs. Pie for the People was awesome. We ordered the Garlic Knots, a Calzone and a Life By Garlic pizza and ate at the outdoor picnic area back at Cactus Mountain. Afterwards, we hung in the hammock watching the stars with Poor Man’s Margaritas catching shooting stars by surprise and listening to the quiet of the desert. The night sky was absolutely impeccable and I hear that camping inside the park provides an even better view of the night sky which is definitely on the bucket list.

The next morning, we headed out and into Joshua Tree National Park to see Cholla Cactus Gardens and Jumbo Rocks. When we reached the park entrance, we were warned about the thirsty bees in the Cactus Gardens looking for water, and when we arrived to the area, it was a little bit startling. They swarmed around our car, granted there were people out walking around the gardens, but I was not leaving that car. Flashback to wretched childhood memories and my irrational fear of bees. There was NO WAY. So I admired the Cholla from afar (aka safely in the car) while bees buzzed all around us. We then headed back through Wilson Canyon to Jumbo Rocks, one of my favorite areas.

Heading home from the park (and on every trip we've ever taken to JT or Palm Springs), a go-to stop is the Cabazon Dinosaurs. R hates that I make us stop every time but I don’t care. :) PS, if you’re trying to beat the heat, stop off at the Whitewater exit and you won’t be sorry. There is a teal blue creek with rapids that is perfect for swimming if you don’t mind all the "no trespassing" signs. Perfect way to cool off the pup and ourselves before hitting the round home to San Diego.

Until next time JT!

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